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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Aiden - March 2009

Aiden has been anxiously awaiting his 7th birthday. I think he was more excited about being able to have a party this year. We didn't do parties for anyone last year due to saving for our holiday to America.

When he told me he wanted a "Transformers" cake, my first thought was "How/what do I make for that". As it turns out, his cake was extremely simple - a bought slab, iced partly green with green coloured coconut for grass and crumbled cookie covered cupcakes to represent a mound of dirt. Some Transformer figurines were placed around the cake and there you have it. Aiden loved it.

Lego was again a hit - loves it, especially his Star Wars Lego.

Chillaxing in the Park - March 2009

Having a park in your local neighbourhood is an advantage at times - especially when the kids are driving me mental. This particular day we got some hamburgers from the local takeaway shop and headed to the park for a bit of fun.

It was nice just watching the kids play and laze in the shade on a hot autumn day.

Camping at Korsmans Landing - February 2009

I must admit that I am NOT a camper. Roughing it is not for me. I do like my home comforts. Putting all this aside, I went camping. I did enjoy myself but so looked forward to having a shower upon returning home.

The weekend was spent either in the boat skiing, tubing or wake boarding. If there wasn't room in the boat we were in the water. The kids loved it, although Aiden and Campbell were afraid to get into the boat. They were happy spending their time in the water. Chelsea on the other hand, well she is a dare devil. Good on her I say.

Annette and Ronnie's Wedding - February 7, 2009

On a VERY hot February afternoon, Annette and Ronnie were married. It was a lovely day, despite the heat.

Chelsea, Shaylie and Saskia were beautiful little Bridesmaids and did the job perfectly.

Fun at Vedauwoo - January 2009

On our last day in Laramie before heading back to Australia, we spent some time at Vedauwoo. Apart from the very cold wind, it was a fun time.

After our Vedauwoo adventures, we had lunch at Applebys - mmmmm Applebys. It was most pleasant to be out of the wind and we all had such a laugh at Kathryn partaking of everyones meals, as well as her own. In her defence, she was pregnant and eating for two!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Time Fun

Whilst in Denver it snowed. We spent some time playing in it. The kids had so much fun. Aiden kept telling Will to knock him over so he could face plant in the snow. Campbell was even sliding down the back garden area on his bottom and had no problem with the snow - (a marked improvement from when we went sledding).

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Fun in Denver

We spent a few days in Denver at Cory's parents place. While there we took the kids to the Wildlife Experience Museum and the Children's Museum.

Both these museums are interactive. The kids had fun seeing how various creatures work, got to pretend to be firemen, work in a grocery store, and generally have a good time.

Christmas Day

I know I am a little late updating with some Christmas pictures - better late than never don't they say!

We had a great Christmas morning. The kids waited patiently to open their presents and had so much fun doing so. It was a bit of a low key event this year (present wise) as we travelled so far to come and share Christmas with the Kathryn, Cory and Cade.

The morning was spent playing with all the new gifts, while the afternoon was spent eating and resting.

It was a very quiet day considering there were four kids in the apartment.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Preparations

The kids, Kathryn and I spent some time on Christmas Eve making a gingerbread house. The kids were excited and had fun.

A Lost Tooth

We went out to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant and Aiden's tooth finally fell out. He had a bet with Kathryn that if it fell out by Christmas Day then Aiden could throw snowballs at Kathryn.

Aiden won.