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Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Bit of Randomness

I am a little bored and feel like blogging but I don't have anything really to blog about. So what can I do? Mind you, I have washing to fold and iron but who wants to do that? Besides, I'm NOT that bored.

Since having children I have discovered that I have a bit of a talent for decorating cakes. Now I don't claim to be a professional, but I have been pretty pleased with my attempts as have the kids.

Following is a slide of various cakes that I have made.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Weight Loss

How is that people you haven't seen for ages don't notice it when you have lost 5.1 kg (over 11 pound) and you have to tell them???!!!

Time to Vent!

Why is it that every time we have a "Turner" dinner that there is ALWAYS a drama? Was tonight any different? ... NO!

We had all gathered at Mum's for a bbq dinner to celebrate her birthday and farewell my brother who was on a fly in fly out visit - he is leaving for Perth early tomorrow morning.

The kids were playing fine until they decided to get all mucky in the bog of a yard that Mum has at the moment. Mum asked if we minded the kids getting muddy - yes I did mind whereas one of my sister's didn't. She was happy to wash mud sodden clothes but I wasn't. If I can avoid soaking and have stain free clothing, why not.

That didn't go down to well.

The kids came inside to play "tigers". This ALWAYS leads to wrestling where someone ALWAYS gets hurt. I told them that there was to be no wrestling so did the sister. She really wanted them outside and tried to get them to go back despite me not wanting my kids to. The same sister stated that I had said that the kids couldn't play outside and that I had told them that they had to sit down and be still and quiet. That is what got my back up. I told her that I never said such a thing - all I had said was that there was to be no wrestling.

Did I also mention that she is the "perfect parent" (please note my sarcasim) and I always feel judged by her and another sister. Now I never claim to be the perfect mother - (think PMT week or longer sometimes), but I do have my moments of perfection.

If my sisters happen to read this, I don't know if I apologise, but that is how I am feeling after tonight.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Countdown ...

Only 177 days to go (before we leave for the USA).

You Look Like a Lady

Yesterday Chelsea went to a birthday party - it was Dylan's party, her "boyfriend" from school. They were off to the bowling alley. I had curled Chelsea's pony tale. When she arrived at Dylan's house, he said she "looked like a lady". Oh, how sweet.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Bonfire!

I have been trying to declutter my home, both inside and out. I had sorted through heaps of papers and rather than throw them in the recycling bin, I asked Will if he could start a little fire and burn them.

Well, his idea of a little fire must vary greatly from mine. He started pulling out all these timber off cuts from near our shed (I didn't know the timber was there - not my domain). We ended up having this huge fire roaring in the backyard.

After dinner (roast lamb and baked veges) we went outside to toast some marshmallows. The fire had calmed down to be just smoldering. The kids had so much fun. Netty and Nanny also joined us in the festivities.

Aiden wasn't so interested in eating the marshmallows, he was far more interested in having flames come off his - such a boy. Campbell was too busy devouring all the gummi bears to enjoy any marshmallows. Chelsea had the best stick for toasting.

Ok, ok ... here is SOMETHING For You To Read Kathryn!

I haven't had a great deal to blog about lately. Kathryn is getting a little annoyed that there is never anything new to read about. I'm pinching something from her blog - of all things, a TAG.

Well, here goes - 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, and 3 random facts about myself ...

3 joys ...

Coming home to a clean house
My family
My own company

3 fears ...

Heights (not all the time - weird I know)
Putting on weight again

3 goals ...

Complete our home renovations (nearly done - just the kitchen to go - big job as it involves conversion of a bedroom into a dinning room and the building of another room for the bedroom - lots of $$$)
Fulfill my dream of having my own business selling my craft/sewing stuff
Maintain a healthy lifestyle

3 current obsessions/collections ...

Bags (I wouldn't exactly call it an obsession, but I have bought a few bags lately - the bigger the better!)
Decluttering my home
I have a collection of material and craft stuff for when I actually get a few moments to do any of it - one day Allison, one day!!

3 random facts about myself

I LOVE chocolate - milk or white, no dark allowed! (I especially love chocolate with nuts in it ... mmm)
I ALWAYS have my toe nails painted
I ALWAYS have my hair and face done - (and yes, Will does often see me without make-up on, the public doesn't!!)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Enough said.