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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A New Toy

Chelsea has had several visits to the dentist lately. After her last visit, I allowed her to pick a new toy. (I didn't play favourites ... the boys got a toy each as well). She has been wanting this Barbie for a long time, so I indulged.

The Kids ... (Two of Them Anyway)

I was trying to take some nice photos of the kids. Campbell, of course, didn't want to participate. Here is one of Aiden and Chelsea.

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary

The photos don't do the flowers justice, but this is what I got delivered to work from my lovely husband. (I have actually re-arranged the flowers to put them in a vase). He does listen - tulips are my favourite flower. I bought Will a new whipper snipper (how romantic), but hey, he needed a new one!

The whole family went out for dinner - a very interesting night. We had all finished eating, except for Campbell. I had been saying to Will all evening that I didn't think he was all that well. Will kept saying that he was alright and that he had been fine all day. When Campbell said no to icecream, I knew that something was definitely wrong.

About five minutes later, Campbell started to cough (usually a sign right before the vomit comes). Well the vomit did come, all over the table, floor, Will and Campbell. What was really surprising was that all the other patrons continued to eat while I cleaned up the vomit!!

Needless to say, we probably won't head back there anytime soon!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Cookie Monster!

Campbell often helps himself to biscuits. They are nothing fancy but he likes them. I went into the kitchen and discovered this ...

Busted ... a mouth full of biscuit with a big grin on his face.

Earlier in the evening, I was cooking dinner. I went to check on it and all I heard was "nothing". That was Campbell's response to me entering the kitchen. I hadn't said a thing. He was playing with one of Aiden's toys (very quietly) and thought he must've been in trouble. It was very funny.

Junior Jedi Master

Campbell has a bit of a liking for Star Wars. He would watch all six episodes all day every day if you would let him. (I'm sure his father would, but I can honestly say that I am over Star Wars - although I don't mind building the Star Wars Lego).

He has just recently asked to dress up as a Jedi Master. He clips his light saber to his waistband and borrows Chelsea's knee high black boots that he tucks his pants into - there you have it - Jedi Master.

Doesn't he look cute - don't know if a real Jedi Master would be lazing around like this though!

Would You PULL That Tooth Out (Please)!!!

What can I say but "oh my goodness". This tooth has been ready to come out for months. It has been hanging by a thread. Chelsea will twist the tooth and leave it backwards. If she just twisted in completely around, it would be out. She wanted me to pull it out one night ... what a drama ... needless to say, it remained.

Fun in the Park

We spent an afternoon, a few weeks back, in the park celebrating Kallan's 10th birthday. The weather was really quite nice but once the sun went down, brrr. Winter is coming!

Happy 6th Birthday Aiden

As we are saving our hard earned $$$ for our trip to America, the kids were told that they wouldn't be having birthday parties this year. Despite this, Aiden still got spoilt. I was expecting him to just get a present from us, but the aunties, uncles, nan, grans, etc had a different idea. Here are a few shots of some of his gifts. (Can you tell he is a Star Wars Lego freak?)

A Trip to the Sydney Aquarium

Aiden has had a fascination with sea life/creatures since he was young (and he is so old now at the age of 6) and has been asking for a long time to go to the Sydney Aquarium. A trip was planned and Gran, Grandfather, Aunty Peta and Zac came along as well.

Getting there is a story in itself. We all loaded into two cars to travel to Manly so we could catch the ferry to Circular Quay. Our day had bearly started and Chelsea had developed blisters on her heels (bad choice of shoes). Once at Circular Quay I found a Chemist to buy some bandaids. After some quick "medical" attention we were off walking to Darling Harbour. The walking was not such a good idea with a two year old that wanted to be carried and then walk and then carried, then walk ... get the idea! Chelsea and Aiden both had periods of being piggy backed as well. Anyway, we finally made it to the Aquarium.

We spent quite a few hours looking at all the sea life. The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves and loved seeing all the sea animals. Campbell was quite captivated at times and loved to get up close to the creatures in the under water tunnells.

The trip back was more eventful than the trip over. Campbell was so tired that he fell asleep on my shoulder so I had to carry him the entire walk back to catch the ferry - over a 30 minute walk. It was great!!! ... a dead weight on my shoulder.

It was a great day irrespective of all the piggy backing, carrying of kids, etc that we had to do.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Easter Morning at the Wyborns ...

I know I'm a little behind in posting some Easter pictures, but better late than never. Along with a bunch of easter eggs, Chelsea and Aiden got a little Ipod which they had "earned" for several months prior for good behaviour. Campbell got some Star Wars lego instead. The kids enjoyed their morning feasting on chocolate and listening to the Ipod's. Are you a bad parent if you allow your kids to eat chocolate for breakfast?